Dizzy Cups

Dad, let’s ride the Dizzy Cups
I begged him for this new experience
Let’s spin until my stomachs in my throat
Spin until I find new understanding

I begged him for new experience
I want more freedom for fun and to
spin until I find new understanding
The spinning stops when I find myself

I wanted freedom for fun
This tea party is mad
The spinning stopped when I found myself
Dad told me I did well

The tea party was mad
My path now sure
Dad told me I did well
We drink tea together

His path now unsure
The colors blur
We drank tea together
Dad, one last ride on the Dizzy Cups?



Afterword: This is purely a work of fiction. My personal life isn’t reflected by what is written. Keep in mind this is a fairly early draft, not award-winning by any means, and a first try at poetry. It’s a pantoum, a poetry style in which you reuse the first and third lines of one stanza as the second and last lines in the next, only allowing slight alterations. This one in particular parallels the Tea Cups ride at most theme parks, to life. Starts innocent new and excited, then in the same way the ride does, life gets faster and dizzier and then it’s over.The middle is meant to be a period of finding yourself in life, maybe rebelling against you parents as you do so, and then eventually growing up and being more certain in who you are, coming to a new understanding with your parents. And it ends, with the child’s father getting older, possibly sick, and they take one last ride together.


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