I swore off piñatas after my sixth birthday. This is a tale of betrayal. It was a sunny spring day in the Maryland suburbs. The twirling Tweety Bird held secrets and promises. It was the uniting force of the party. Our common enemy and collective victory. Friends from all avenues of my life gathered. Sunday … More Piñata


Lovebirds are made from love and a whole bunch of time, spent or used or taken into a substance they sell in the stories on the screens and in the pages. You can glimpse it being created in a chapel, next to the chapel where they read stars and next to the chapel where they … More lovebirds

Three Sentence Story

At first I thought this was just a musical but apparently it’s a ballet because she’s spinning and spinning like children who want to see the world turned upside down and it’s like a spinning ceiling fan you wouldn’t dare touch, or like a blindfolded party guest trying to find the tail end of things, … More Three Sentence Story

Ten questions to ask a friend who just read your novel

letswritesomenovels: tanya-posts: Here are ten questions to ask that will not put your friend in a tough spot, but will still give you some useful input on your novel: 1. At what point did you feel like “Ah, now the story has really begun!” 2. What were the points where you found yourself skimming? 3. … More Ten questions to ask a friend who just read your novel

A Crime of Passion

Eyes meet, and glances dart hearts beat, though we stand apart I bite my lip hoping he’ll take the hint We exchange witty words our chemistry absurd  A new kind of biting he feels like lightning  Deeper I’m pulled into his crypt no going back, I’ve become an addict A homicide of my heart together … More A Crime of Passion

Dizzy Cups

Dad, let’s ride the Dizzy Cups I begged him for this new experience Let’s spin until my stomachs in my throat Spin until I find new understanding I begged him for new experience I want more freedom for fun and to spin until I find new understanding The spinning stops when I find myself I … More Dizzy Cups