Hollywood City Tour!

Hey guys, I got to go to Hollywood! The College Program rented a huge double decker tour bus and took us around to some Disney related Hollywood/LA site seeing. First stop on the tour was the LA Memorial Coliseum. The only place they’ve held the Olympics twice! It was pretty cool to see, buttttttt there … More Hollywood City Tour!

Happy Valentines Day!

Let’s just say I’ve been feeling pretty loved this Valentines Day and a lot of that is due to these five wonderful girls who I’ve been blessed to live with. My gift to them this year is words! Because I can command more power in them when written. Also because I was lame and didn’t … More Happy Valentines Day!

Days off at Disney!

When I’m not working at Disneyland, I get two glorious days off. Can you just take a guess at to where I spend them? We also officially became roommates by buying matching leather bracelets from Frontierland that have our room number, 406, on them. How freaking cute right? We also got Sonjia on the Fun … More Days off at Disney!

On the Job Training!

My last phase of training was finally hands on! I started my on the job training over in Tomorrowland’s Pizza Port restaurant. To explain my costume simply, it’s McDonalds in Space….I mean, I guess I can work with that. My Pizza Port trainer, Stephanie, was super cool and I even ended up joining a cast … More On the Job Training!

Welcome To!

The next phase in training is a Welcome To class. These classes are role specific, mine being Food Core Cafe. Others have classes called Park Operations, or Store Operations.Β  This one kicked off with our first time clocking in! I definitely nailed it. Our guides led us through a brief tour of California Adventure this … More Welcome To!


Traditions is the Disney coined term for their employee’s orientations. Needless to say, orientation at Disney is extensive. We have a few days of general training and then things get more specific based on our role. Traditions was also our first paid day, and a long one at that. It takes place at Team Disney … More Traditions!

First few days!!

Holy cow, it’s been crazy. I flew in bright and early monday morning to the Orange County airport and took a taxi from there to the apartment complex. As you can imagine, I was basically dying of heat by then. Moving here will absolutely be an adjustment. My sister keeps saying she’s jealous of how … More First few days!!

Disneyland College Program: The What, Why, and How

Okay, so I’ve been getting A LOT of questions from friends, family, and really random people about the Disney College Program (DCP).Β With this post I will explain what the program entails, why I chose to participate, and the process I went through to do so. The What: Here’s Disney’s description they provide on the website: … More Disneyland College Program: The What, Why, and How