danika larain miller



Danika Miller graduated Cum Laude from Western Washington University with a BA in English Creative Writing and a minor in Writing Studies. She is passionate about the power words hold and aspires to be a part of the industry that creates them.

Specifically she focuses on Young Adult and Children’s Literature. Danika believes young readers are the most passionate and engaged of audiences and the most affected by what they read. This inspires her to positively influence and create for young readers.

When not working as an over-caffeinated barista in the PNW, Danika is either reading a book or listening to one, trying to write her own novel, or daydreaming about Disneyland. Danika’s interests include sports, traveling, hammocking in the rain, and being a pop culture vulture. The now 22-year-old student sneaks snacks into the movie theater, adds soft serve to the dining hall coffee, and read 12 books this summer.

She has been published in Yellow Chair Review, Her Campus Online Magazine, and Jeopardy Magazine.

Check out her resume or this one.

Want to know more? Contact at danikalarain@gmail.com